Monday, October 31, 2011

My natural hair journey started in July 2009.. Leaving the perm behind for my big chop

Over the last 15 years, I've done the big chop every three years and gone natural.  Usually, just to take a break from perming my hair.  I've always loved chopping my hair and with each chop, I get some personal serenity enjoy just seeing me, without all that hair. 

Just me and my face.  So when do I usally do the big chop? On July 4th.  Just my own personal celebration of hair freedom!!  My idea of natural hair that personally works for me is "no chemicals" and "no hair straigtening."  I don't press my hair and try to stay away from the blow dryer unless I really have to.

Occassionally, I rock braids, the occasional tree braids (the natural diva's weave) and even ry out wigs once in a while.  I love them all.  But I am most in love with my afro.  The bigger it grows, the better it looks to me.  On this blog, I'll keep a journal of my afro as its grows to its full potential.  I'll also showcase my other hairstyles and navigate my way around that pesky perm that calls my name each morning I comb through my unruly afro.

Anyway, here we go........  The photo above on the left, is my permed hair as of July 2, 2009.  On July 3, 2009, I did the big chop below and started my new natural journey.  A fresh start!

After chopping my hair off, I realized I had a big wedding coming up.  One of my best friends was getting married and I was one of the bridesmaids.  I hadn't thought about waiting until after her August 2009 wedding or even asking her if it was ok.  I have been in enough weddings to know that sometimes these things do matter to brides.  Thankfully, my darling friend was OKAY with my chop.  In fact, she tried talking me out of rocking a wig to the wedding.  Whew!! What a relief.  Love my gals! 

I didn't listen to her though. I spent $50 on a wig that the salesperson told me made me look like First Lady Michelle Obama.  Um, how could I pass that up?  Well, at 2.30pm on that hot August afternoon as we were getting ready for the wedding, I thought of standing out in the humid heat in a hot, uncomfortable wig and thoughts of Michelle Obama vanished from my mind as I threw off the darned thing, wiped the sweat off my head and sashayed down the aisle with my new short do.  I loved it and felt a small triumph as a soft breeze blew through my hair; at least what was left of it, as the other fabulous divas dealt with the darned heat on their heads. LOL!! 

Can you guess which one is me?

photo credit: MD wedding

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