Sunday, November 6, 2011

Keeping it natural and stylish - Loving my funky hair accessories

photo credit:  MiMi

Now that my hair has grown into a bold afro, finding new ways to tame it for work is always fun.  I've thought about holding it up with a head band, tying it with a scarf or putting it into an afro puff.  But those definitely don't rep the real me.  So, I just leave it out. 

What I can't do without however, are my fab hair accessories in every color.  And now, I'm working on adding sassy hair accessories to my Miatta MiMi line for Boutique Mix.  I'm enjoying making my new line and can't wait to start rocking it!!

So, how do you rock your natural do everyday?  What favorite hair accesories do you wear?

photo credit:  MiMi

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